The Fascinating Story of Aubameyang

The Fascinating Story of Aubameyang

Story of Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang is a 27-year-old footballer from Gabon, born in France (18/06/1989) and already having established his reputation as one of the most impressive footballers of all time. He now plays for Borussia Dortmund in Germany, but he started off his career from AC Milan academy and then went on to various French teams and of course Saint-Étienne. Because of his mother’s Spanish origins and due to the exciting nature of La Liga, one of his dreams is to play in Spain and perhaps for Real Madrid. He is well known not only for his skills in football but also for his eccentric haircuts and explosive personality. He is a uniquely distinctive striker playing as a right-foot-forward that never fails to surprise us, both for his talent and his wit!

Career Boost

Starting off at the academy of AC Milan, he was not able to join the team and hence he was given as a loan to several French teams. These teams include Dijon, Monaco and Lille, but Aubameyang found his big break in Saint-Étienne. This is where he unravelled his wonderful talent, scoring over and over again and winning the hearts of football overs all over the world. Then, Germany and Borussia Dortmund was next. Ever since 2013, he has been regarded as one of the main assets in the German football club. It is worth noting that he was awarded the title of the best player of the year in Bundesliga. At the same time, Aubameyang competes for the Gabonese national football team.


He runs super-fast, and this gives him a head start, with or without the ball. His physical strength offers him great advantage over others and his talent in scoring has been praised by many football stars and connoisseurs. Aubameyang has certainly made a wonderful impression to all football fans in the world, but his dreams never stop growing. He wants to excel in the field and become one of the greatest strikers of all time. He is ambitious and always aims at giving 100% of his powers in every football match. His competitive nature has brought him so far, and this is what drives him to reach even higher ground.

Fun Facts about Aubameyang

Aubameyang is a huge fan of comics and is especially fond of Batman and Spiderman. If you have seen him celebrating a goal, you may have noticed that already! He is also responsible for one of the most expensive boots in the history of football, embroidered with Swarovsky crystals. This has set a new trend, of course!


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